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Plumbing & Heating Services

We handle all plumbing  and heating repairs, installations and maintenane services for your home and business. Available 24/7 for Emergencies services. No Dispatch Fee. No Commission. Honest Pricing. 

Plumbing Services

We handle all plumbing repairs in your home and business. Call us for emergency repairs, and your bathroom and kitchen renovations. 

Heating Services

We handle all heating services in your home and business. From furnace and air conditioning, gas fitting, to your bathroom and kitchen renovations. 

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“Aquality Plumbing is the only Plumbing and Heating company I have used for the last 5 years to take care of my company, Venter Construction and Solar INC’s plumbing needs. Of all the companies I’ve tried before in Calgary they are the best at what they do. Always a pleasure to have on site, solve problems and get the job done. Thank you.” – Casper V, Facebook

“I cannot say enough about this team. We have had Steve in our home for minor issues in the past, but when our hot water tank failed, Dawn at the office was fabulous about booking a quote and managing appointments to get the repair completed as quickly as possible. Steve and his team went above and beyond to ensure a job well done as well as full compliance with new code and city inspections. You will not be disappointed; highly recommend!” – Melanie G, Facebook

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Myth Buster: The Toilet Leak Dye-Test Doesn’t Work!

Toilet leaks may be an easy repair but sometimes detecting a leak can be the biggest part of the challenge, especially if it’s a silent leak.  Don’t be alarmed - there are many ways for you to check to see if your toilet is leaking, but the classic ‘leaking toilet...

Garburator or Compost?

Ever wonder why you should compost if you already have a garburator? Doesn't it all eventually end up back in mother earth anyway? Kitchen waste is a major part of composting and once we own a garburator, we become conditioned to scrape plates and put everything we...

DIY: Regular Sink and Drain Maintenance

Did you know there are some easy and quick actions you can do at home to keep your sinks and drains healthy? Yup. Sinks and drains need regular TLC, just like your car. By doing these super easy steps every few months, you can avoid unnecessary plumbing repair costs...

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