Aquality Plumbing hopes everyone had an amazing holiday season and will have an incredible New Year!  

We launched a campaign to assist locally to someone in need at a time that can be tough.


The winner received a brand new Hot Water Heater, and a new toilet for her washroom.  We included labour, material, and the fixtures at no cost.  Never forget doing something for someone else tends to get others to do the same… and with that a huge thank you to Giant Factory Manufacturers who supplied the water heater and Gerber for providing the toilet.  We were not expecting to have so much support from two amazing manufactures but when they heard what we were doing, they were on board right away.

Congratualations to Flo Shustack our 2017 winner!  

A major influence in her community for so many years and couldn’t have found a better recipient! 

We are proud to have given something back to someone who has given so much!